Monday, September 19, 2005

A family with a "Difference"...

The recent report about the KGB buying some Indian "leaders" to get internal secrets is no shocker. Everyone knows that our "netas" can go to any extent for money. There is no harm now as the KGB itself is dead and Russia is a spent force.

The real threat now is China. Our Communist brothers are reigning Delhi and they dont miss any opportunity to showcase their loyalty to Communist China.

Who knows ??...they might be supplying all the internal secrets to China free of cost. Do we realise this only after China invade India and make it another Tibet ot Taiwan??

Tail Piece: How about following our Bollywood in this sense and asking Rahul Gandhi to get tattooed "mera baaap chor hai" "meri dadi desh drohi hai" "mera pardada tho us se bada desh drohi hai"...

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