Monday, December 26, 2005


I always believed that Congress(I) is the most communal and funadamentalistic political party in India. All the PMs from that G-N family are bloody fundamentalists.

The recent 104th Constitutional Amendment Bill proved my belife once again. The worst communal party backed by the Loonie commies got the bill approved with minimum fuss. Is there any oppositon party in the House? What is BJP doing?

Why should private "unaided" educational institutions make room for reservations? Who will be bearing that cost? The answer is "the so called upper caste Hindu kids will be paying for their so called Lower caste brotheren".

Then, why cant this be extended to the minority institutions? Why are they left out? Is it a dictum from Rome and Riyadh?

Or is it another armtwisting by the Catholic Church hinting Hindus that "Eitehr Convert or Perish"?
So much for Secularism.....hell with it...

PS: Natwar would be thinking " Arjun bhai tera bhi time aaayega...tu bhi banega scapegoat ek din.."

When the Christists or Muslims...keep the sword on his head and tell him "convert or die.."...I dont think it is a problem for Mr. Arjun Singh as he has sold his soul already.

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