Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The devil always gets its way...!

Finally the Congress got its way. They are going to implement the OBC reservations in higher education. They also promised that they are going to hike the seats in these institutes so that the open category seats remain the same.

But I have a small doubt. What would be the cost the govt has to bear for hiking the seats. I heard someone remarking on telly that last year the total money spent on higer education is around 1000 Crores. The money needed to hike seats in AIIMs and other institutes is 4000 Crores.The budgeted money on Secondary and Higer Education for 2006-2007 can be viewed here.

Yes, the UPA will implement 27% OBC reservations but I dont think they will keep their promise of hiking the seats. The open category studetns will be given a raw deal.

The middle classes of India well deserve this treatment for its indifference. We get the govts that we deserve.


Anu said...


Only one question - when has the middle class ever voted???Also with the monetary sway the parties have over the lower income group there will never be fair elections


Aditya said...

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