Monday, June 01, 2009

Aam Aadmi Economics

The Aam Aadmi is a peace loving person. He is just a simple dude who wants to live by himself and a benign person.
But, when there are too many Aam Aadmis ( 100-200), they generally get bored of each other and start destroying public property. Does the Aam Aadmi know that public property is his property and the property is bought with the taxes he pays?This would open a pandoras box whether every Aam Aadmi pays tax. That's a different question altogether.

May be the Aam Aadmi is an economic genius. In these times of economic slow down, he devised new ways to improve the country's GDP. He destroyed some 7000Crs worth public property in Punjab recently and now some 100 Crs worth in Bihar.This would make the otherwise reluctant UPA government to spend money on reacquiring these assets. This would boost the economy of the country and create jobs.
I think the social scientist Ashis Nandy is going to agree with me on this.Please have a look at thislink to know why I quote Ashis Nandy here.

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