Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Another case for divestment

This piece in TOI shows how the govt screwed up with Air India.
Aviation minister Praful Patel is setting up an international advisory board comprising prominent people, including former heads of major global airlines, to helm the turnaround of Air India. And top government sources said Ratan Tata has already been approached to head this board.

"The board will be headed by someone of the eminence of a luminary like Ratan Tata and will be set up within a month," Patel told TOI on Tuesday
The carrier was founded by J R D Tata and later was nationalized by the Nehruvian -Stalinist govt of India. In the last 60 years or so, neither Air India nor Indian Airlines made any progress in the way they operate or serve.They have been mostly used to tour Haj pilgrims sponsored by the secular govt.
Air India hardly changed even after the entry of private players into the aviation industry.The govt in the last 60+ years has created a pathetic bureaucracy and overweight air hostesses out of this carrier.
Now, it's poetic justice that the govt is asking Ratan Tata to help it out. The question is why don't they just let it go when they can't manage it?

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