Thursday, October 07, 2004

Yeah, nationality matters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a letter from a German national to the editior of TOI.

Apropos of 'It's time we learnt good manners' (Times Counterview, Oct 5), it seems fashionable for the Indian elite to run down India and all things Indian, including manners. I am a German, and have met many Indians who never tire of praising Germany, but have nothing good to say about India. Frankly, I recoil at such behaviour. There are well-mannered and uncouth people everywhere. Why do Indian intellectuals have to pick on the worst specimens to berate India. As far as I'm concerned, India stands tall among the 40 countries I have travelled to.

Maria Wirth, via e-mail.

Had this letter been from an Indian, it would be in a distbin by this time ( errr...recycle bin).

Ofcoure, whatever Ms. Maria says is true. Indians never had self respect, esp the so called Secularists and Intellectuals. For them , anything White is superior and anything Indian is cheap. Sad that this has to be taught to us by some foreigner. Yeah, our Intellectuals listen to the words of foreigners becase Europeans are wiser than us...they know all...isnt it true my dear Editiors of TOI??

Ofcourse Eurpoeans and Americans do not show any repect towards India, nuthing surprising because we dont have self respect. We equate self respect with Religious Fundamentalism....:-D
When an American is proud of being an American , it is his self respect whereas if an Indian is proud of being Indian either he is an RSS( VHP) follower or someother religious fundamentalist.

Way to go India.........................

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