Monday, October 25, 2004

Back to Books!

Davinci Code - Dawn Brown
The Alchemist - Paul @#$%% ( I cant pronounce this guys' name )
The Wisdom of Rishis - Mr. M
The Indian Philosophy - Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan

These are the books I finished reading in the last 4 weeks. The collection seems pretty strange, isn't it?
Davinci code is another mystique bullshit with lot of rhetoric about some unknown Mary Magdalene. The author says that worship of this lady is superior to the worship of Christ, couldnt understand why. But, the main plot is to damn the catholic church and prove that they kill people to maintain the sanctity of the Church. An utter bullshit to increase the sale.

The Alchemist : I couldnt understand why this book has become so famous. It is again some unpractical and utopian thought about everyones' childhood dreams and some legend ( I dont even remember the name ). It is one of those utter nonsensical books which I have read and regreted later that I wasted my time.

The Wisdom of Rishis : Yes, a great book. I really enjoyed reading it. Inspite being a muslim, the author tried to understand the Upanishads and give incites in to various subtlities. He doesnt talk about things which are nihilistic...but speaks about real things and explains why they are real. There is content and the logic is concrete. I suggest this book to people who have some interest in Indian Scriptures.

The Indian Philosophy : Disappointing!!! very disappointing. Dr. Radhakrishanan disappointed me a lot. He wrote a book which will satisfty the Europeans a lot. He presented a European point of view rather than an Indian point of view. He depended on European authors to prove the facts, which are ultimately not facts at all. Especially , he repeats the Aryans' migration from Europe or middle east to India. It really makes me wonder, how much are we conditioned to accept the precepts put forward by Europeans.

If such a great culture existed in so called Mesapatomia or any where else and they migrated to India for various reasons, why dont we see any trace of such civilisation or culture in any part of those countries or continents. Even the latest findings about river Saraswati and other Indus valley civilisations tell us that there was no invasion of India by so called Aryans. This is again another trick of the White Man to belittle India and its ancient civilisation to keep his inferiority or superiority complex intact.


Sriram said...

So this is the result of ur office shuttle then... good for u.... :)

sumandatta said...

come on man! Paulo Coelho isn't as bad...the alchemist was a bit childish i agree...but u can follow his articles online at which r good!!


surya said...

hey suman,
I am talking abt Alchemist as a book rather than its author...

neway..thanx for the comment and the link....

Castelgard said...

hey surya...
i totally accept your view on Dr.Radhakrishanan's book.
History has always be written by victors and dwon the line generations later we accpet waht was said decades ago as truth coz we dont analyse what exaclty happened..During the crusaded the Pope issued a decree that we have to get back the Jerusalem from the infdels(muslims) and turks belved that they have to defend jerusalem from infedels( christians) now whose view do we take...we can never take stand coz we never get to read neutral history....and most of history has been written my europeans and americans so what we accept is what we get to we cannot blame Dr S.R or any one for that matter

Xenas said...

Hello Surya Narayana Rao gaaru,

Meeru yeppudu andhra nunchi Karnataka citizen gaa maari poyaaru? And I bet you took the photo with a web-cam. My, My even after back breaking work in your company, how did u find a spare time of 4 weeks to read through 4 books of 4 different genres... U didnt change one wee-bit. It was by accident that i discovered ur "hUmDiNgEr"
Anyways, Good to have your reviews on these books. Iam reading Da Vinci Code now...