Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Look !! who is talking.....

Lakhs of dead people in and around Iraq, thousands in Vietnam, millions around Asian-African borders.....they were all not humans. Deaths of those people dont matter to anyone. Everyone knows who is responsible for all those deaths. The one and only Super Power ......
made me really laugh.

T V Parasuram in Washington | March 29, 2005 09:50 IST

India's human rights enforcement record has been poor and needs improvement despite being a vibrant democracy with strong constitutional protections, the United States said in a report.

The State Department on Monday, however, said the new UPA government at the Centre has started addressing rights concerns.

While lauding the Centre for "rewriting school text books" and "addressing the aftermath of the Gujarat riots", the report reiterated its concern over the situation in the state.

"Following its electoral victory in May, the government began to address a number of human rights concerns that have arisen in recent years. For example, it moved quickly to rewrite school textbooks, in order to stress the contributions of the Muslim, Sikh, Buddhist and Christian minority communities," it said.

However, it said, the rewriting of the textbooks has not been completed, and alleged that the Gujarat government has not recalled its old textbooks or announced plans for their replacement.

"The government also began to address the aftermath of the 2002 Gujarat riots," it said and noted that the Supreme Court had ordered local courts to reopen over 2,000 cases connected with the post-Godhra riots.

But by the end of last year, "the report on the number of cases that should be reopened had not been submitted to the Supreme Court, and only three cases related to the Gujarat rioting had completed trial in the lower level courts," it charged.

The report claimed that human rights organisations and religious groups remained concerned about allegations of witness intimidation by local leaders in Gujarat.

You get the picture right??

I found another link somewhere else....and it made lot of sense. Esp ..in a country like Pakistan, a paper publishing this kind of article....wow....our media needs to learn a lot.

The Myth of History: Prof.Shahida Kazi" and its URL is:


Why dont we present the truths about our History?? If Germany can tell their kids that Hitler was not a hero..why cant we tell our kids that Ghazni, Ghori , Akbar and Aurangzeb are not heros?? If it hurts a community...let it be.

If they can write in text books about the evils of Hinduism ...why cant they write about the evils of Islam, Christian evangelism etc.

I still wonder how rewriting school textbooks related to Human Rights * shakes head in confusion*

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