Wednesday, April 13, 2005

some thoughts......

  • 4th ODI b/w India and Pakistan: Indians thought they are supposed to win this match and scored 315 runs. Suddenly, a govt communique comes and says that Pakistan has to win this match otherwise miya Musharaff wont be visiting Delhi. Dada takes the blow , poor Sachin gets another 100 while India loses. Sachin bashers have something to cheer for...that Sachins' centuries never won India matches.
  • The BCCI didnt have the guts to drop they asked ICC to do something to keep dada away. ICC obliged and banned him for 6 matches for slow over rate. Finally, the skipper is dropped.
  • In the after math of China accepting Sikkim as a part of India, our UPA govt is planning to request China to accept all the other states also as Intergral parts of India. What a beningn gesture from China.....
  • NDTV is giving so much airtime to RSS and VHP. Even they had a discussion about RSS criticizing BJP about leadership issue. After all....isnt it a fun when your enemies are fighting among themselves???
  • There was a communist leader on NDTV preaching about leadership yesterday. He was claiming that these leadership issues surface among parties which doesnt have a rich culture of leadership. way to go for our communists......after all they have leaders even from foreign countries....
Back to Football:

It is sad to see what has happened at San Siro Y'day. A thrilling match coming to such an end doesnt augur well for the great game. AC Milan should go to semis without any rematch as they are already leading 3-0. They are the only team left to cheer for.

Added later:

Yeah, the semi final lineup is drawn.

AC Milan Vs PSV
Chelsea Vs Liverpool

It will be a cake walk for Milan.
I really support Liverpool here. Comeon Reds....thrash those lucky blues....Mourinho needs some thrashing.

A final of AC Milan Vs Liverpool ...

and no marks for guessing who will be the eventual winner.


Anonymous said...

the first point sucks.

Xenas said...

The blog really had me laughing! Way to go - You have come up with a cracker of a blog on ur comeback! Especially the first 3 points! Yes, Sachin-bashers have something to chew on now! I think "Dada" is the most "Over-rate"d captain India had ever had. Poor Dada - Finally he got some rest to brood over and come back !