Monday, April 18, 2005

Mean Media....

Some head lines on various media channels which made me laugh ( actually think):

Headlines Today:

President Musharaff will be attending a dinner hosted by Manmohan Singh.


President Musharaff meets President Kalam.

It really made me think that my GK is bad. Am I missing something here?
Who is this President Musharaff??? Isnt there someone called General Musharaff who is the selfdeclared President of our neighbour Pakistan??

Why is it so difficult to call him Pakistan President or President of Pakistan??

How can media be so shameless in calling our PM ....just Manmohan Singh...shouldnt he be called Prime Ministed Manmohan Singh??

How can they come up with something like President Musharaff meets President Kalam??
These are the people who pride themselves with their knowledge in English. Isnt there a mistake in clarity?? Whose president is meeting whom??

Why is media going gaga over someone who has been harbouring cross border terrorism? Is it really necessary to welcome him with a red-carpet. Why are we heeding to his demands and trying to please a terrorist? If they want peace talks...let them be peace talks. No filthy cricket series and Pseudo-friendship parties.

They had a magazine progamme on one of the channels about what Gen Mush is going to eat and how they are prepared. I changed the channel immediately fearing that they are going to show where the Gen is going to shit and what kind of toilet paper he is going to use. Does he use anything at all??

Indian Govt is planning to run trucks over the border. Yeah, that will bring infiltration in J& K down. Now the jihadis have alternatives. They can either take the bus or they can travel by trucks. There will not be any infiltrations.

I still wonder why Indian govt is sucking up the @#$ of Pakistan.

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