Friday, June 24, 2005

Tennis Time.

Yes, it is time for tennis.I cant say that I am a religious follower of tennis. However, few years back I used to watch every single match of two players.

Pistol Pete and Steffi.Both are legends in their own styles. Pete, a grass court invincible. stefi, an invincible on any court.Once these two retired, I almost stopped watching Tennis.

People claimed that Hewitt is the next King, but I never liked his game and his girly -whines. Media said "Andy Roddick" arrived. But, I was skeptical about these two.

I watched Marat Safin beating Pete in US open final. This guy was amazing. He looked like a big player. I thought he could be the future king, though I didnt like his tempermental nature that was evident in the following championships.

While all this was happening, there is a silent assasin who made his way into the grand slam stage.
Roger Federer arrived very calmly without any hype. I started watching him but without any expectations with One thing in my mind"can he be another Pete?".

Though not ewxactly of the same style, he is another Pete on grass court. He is the King of grass. I dont think any of his contemporaries posess the same talent.

He is talented and he is humble. He is the reigning king of tennis. There is only one man who can stop this express. Marat Safin. But, Safin is not all that good on grass. On any other surface I would have said anything can happen. But on grass, I am sure ruthless Roger Federer will prevail.

But, is there a successor to Stefi??I dont see any of these gals capable of matching that talent. Though Sherapova might win the title she is no way near Stefi or for that matter Martina.

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deepthi said...

not exactly a comment but wht do u look at when u r watching someone play??? consistency of the number of wins or their talent??i look for the former..tht shows the player's discipline..accepted tht none can match the talent of legends but don't u think it's unfair to compare their talents???
---------sorry was juss browsing thru ur blog and could'nt resist writing deepthi ishwarya from orkut.