Monday, July 11, 2005

In death we differ...

The way media reacts to similar different places. When someone bombed Bombay, it was because their sentiments were hurt. But, when they bomb London or US, it is because they are "terrorists". Those who bomb mainland India are freedom fighters and those who bomb US or London are "terrorists".

London rocked by terror attacks
45 killed in Bombay bomb blasts,15935,1523933,00.html
Four bombs in 50 minutes - Britain suffers its worst-ever terror attack
Compare the following sttaements from the Guardian reports.
On the Bombay blasts -There was no immediate claim of responsibility last night - but suspicion is likely to fall on Islamist extremists, possibly taking revenge for last year's communal riots in the neighbouring state of Gujarat, where 2,000 Muslims died.
On the London blasts -At least 38 people were killed yesterday and more than 700 injured as terrorists struck at the heart of London, causing the biggest loss of life in a terrorist attack on mainland Britain.


Four blasts tore through packed trains and a bus during London rush hour on Thursday, killing over 33 people and disrupting a summit of world leaders in Scotland in the deadliest PEACETIME ATTACK on the capital.

The 1993 bombings followed Hindu-Muslim riots triggered by the destruction by Hindu zealots of a 16th century mosque in the northern town of Ayodhya. Hindu hardliners say the mosque was built on the site of a Hindu temple.
Since then, Ayodhya has been a lightning rod for tensions.

But, isnt this bombing a retaliation of the genocide that is happening in Iraq and such counties for the Western oil greed?
On an average, 50 people die every week in Iraq and Kashmir due to different state sponsored terrotism. But, they are taken for granted because the victims are not Whites. It is as simple as that. Somehow our Indian media is besotted with the same syndrome. They cry from roof tops about the attacks on western countries where as attacks in Iraq and Kashmir get very little mention.

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