Wednesday, November 23, 2005


These NDTV wallahs never fail to amuse me. They always amuse me with their screwed up reports and rhetoric.

I happened to see Nitish Kumat being interviewed by Pranoy Roy and Burkha Dutta...the self proclaimed "best jopurnalists in India".

Pranoy roy: Sir, do you think your victory is a lesson to BJP?

Me: How the f***? Is this guy gone could be a lesson to Lalu but how in the hell it can be a lesson to BJP?

Burkha Dutta: Sir, do you think your victory should tell BJP that the Hardline HIndutva is not going to succeed?

Me: Huhhh..!!! Where did they learn this logic? Why cant it be a lesson to Ram Vilas Paswan who put up a dummy Bin Laden to gain the muslim votes, who claimed he wants to see a muslim become the CM of Bihar? Why BJP?? BJP has won more number of seats than RJD and Congress put together. Why cant this be a lesson to Congress that they cant team up with goons and win the elections?

All the time these two were talking about BJP blah blah blah blah...Hindutva blah blah blah...Why are these people so obsessed with BJP and Hindutva? I think they think more about Hindutva than BJP itself.

But the jewel in the crown of NDTV is that young reporter from Patna who was so excited and read out that "Mr. Nitish Kumar has put an end to the 15 yrs of "BJP" rule in Bihar".

Me: WTF...which world is this guy living in? As far as I know it was Lalu's RJD ruling Bihar for the past 15 years.

I laughed my ass off...these bong NDTV reporters are brainwashed so much about BJP and Hindutva that they talk about BJP and Hindutva while reporting any news.

And our BCCI leaves NDTV much much behind in amusing me.
" Sourav Ganguly finds a place in Indian test team"....

Rediff report:

"Ganguly, who was earlier stripped of the ODI and Test captaincy, was included in the team as a "'batting all-rounder'"(battling would ve been a better word) after a marathon meeting of the five-member selection committee meeting in Chennai

Ganguly has always been a better oneday player than a test player. How come he finds a place in Test team and not in the oneday team? Is there that much dearth of test players in India?


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I think you should quit watching NDTV if it pains you so much :))