Thursday, November 24, 2005

The right to kill.....

To save the life of an Indian imprisoned by Pakistan , our media made a hue and cry.No idea what happened to that guy but our Media made the Pakistani general look like a moderate diplomat. They tried help him improve his image.

There is this poor truck driver Maniappan Kutty from Kerala who was kidnapped by Taliban in Afghanistan. Our secular govt didnt even bother to save him. India is helping that bloody country in every aspect and we cant even save Indians who work there.The media didnt bother much about the incident.More surprisingly, there is hardly any reaction from the Kerala govt.Is this because the guy is from so called Majority community??
Finally, those fanatics have killed the poor guy. In a country where even the captured terrorists are not shoot at once, there are many like Mr. Maniappan Kutty who die because of the incapable and reluctant govts.

Another side of the same coin:

Sometime back it was Satyendra Dubey from NHAI and now it is Manjunath from IOC. Can govt crib that students from top notch institutes are queing up to join MNCs? Or do they say that join the PSUs and be a part of the corruption pool?

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