Friday, January 28, 2005

Of Padma awards and many other farces......!!!!

Our progressive secular governament has announced the padma awards recently. No wonder Romila Thaper and Mr. Habib are included in that list. There tow "eminent historians " helped our Nehruvian Stalinists in distorting the indian history. The deserve those awards.
But what surprised me is the selection of Ms. Gladys Staines. I am a bit confused. She is selected only because her family was burnt down by some "Hindu Fundamentalists". Everyone still condemns those deaths even though they dont talk about the kind of work Mr. Staines was invloved in.
Now, I am wondering how many women are there in India who lost their families in one or other such incidents. Does anyone remember Mr. Katyal....??? He was killed by Islamic terrorists in Kandhahar during that infamous Delhi Flight hijack. He was newly married and was bound to Nepal with his bride. He was killed by Islamic Terrorists supported by Taliban.
There are numerous Kasmiri Pandit women whose families were massacred during 1980s.
So, what is special about this Ms. Staines that she is selected for one of the prestigious awards of the land?
Pseudo-Secularists migh call me right-winged or fundamentslist...but I dont think anyone can justify the selection of this lady.

I have been thinking about these words for sometime...Secularist and Funadamentalist.
This is what Merriam -Websters says:

Main Entry: fun·da·men·tal·ism
:a movement or attitude stressing strict and literal adherence to a set of basic principles.

hmmm...I am really confused now..
So, any movement or thought that says it is the only correct way of living is "Fundamentalism".
Our Secularist shout and Scream that " Secularism" is the only correct way of living for humans.
Woww..what do we call them now???
Based on the above definition...they too are fundamentalists...I call them " Secular Fundamentalists".

Main Entry: sec·u·lar·ism
: indifference to or rejection or exclusion of religion and religious considerations.

So, do these so called Secularist qualify to be called Secaulrists???
If the govt at the center is Secular, why do we have a special penal code for some minorities?
Why there is a subsidy given to Haj piligrims and not given to Amarnath or kedarnath piligirms??
Why there is special status to J&K??
There are innumerable questions like this......

And people jump to conclusions without even thingking....Anyone who opposes these pseudo secular ideas is a right-winger....and Hindu one of the visitors of my blog commented....

I dont know who it was....but he/she concluded me as a right-winger just by reading what I write here. Of course I dont mind being a right-winger because Secularism is what it is today....I prefer to be a right-winger...


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