Monday, January 10, 2005


I never understood this word completely. Many people think others are pseudos and only they theymselves are " genuine and original " opinion holders. If we look at many people who are around us today..., is really difficult to differentiate between the pseudo and genuine.

Pseudo Indians:
1. They are Indians for the name sake.
2. They follow all european or American trends.
3. They think Europe and US are superior to India in all the aspects and if a European does something then world should also do it.
4. They dont know much about themselves and their country but they know very well about the geography of US and train services in Europe. ( Isnt that useful in showing off to wannabe "Pseudos"???)
E.G. It is Natural for a person born in Barcelon to admire his team and hate the arch rivals " Real Madrid". But for a person who is born in Inida and brouoght up in India both Barca and RMFC are same. He can either like both of them or one of them. But there is no reason for an Indian to hare Barca because RMFC fans ( domestic) hate Barca. As a third party he can like both with different priorities.
But these Pseudo Indians ( err I call them Pseudo Europeans??) either they like Barca or RMFC more than that they hate the rival more than they like their team. And proclaim that those who like both Barca and RMFC are "Pseudo Football Fans ". Because a white European like his team and hates his rivals...these people just follow him blindly.

I sometimes wonder people who talk more about something like " those people are cheap" or "pseudos" or bangalore girls' fav remark " he is a sidy guy"....all these make me think that..
People who find these faults in others have all these faults. Yes, it worries you more when you find your faults in others.

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Anonymous said...

So lots of Bangalore girls called you "sidey," eh? lol! Telling isn't it? Bangalore girls have impeccable taste, learn something from it! lol