Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Training travails!!!!

I really dont understand why I hate these so called trainings. Everytime I convince myself that there would be something or the other to learn from these and go into the training hall with some enthusiasm. But all this evaporates within seconds. I look at people around me and I ask myself why the hell I am here. I see people around me busy in noting down some of the valuable points. I try to hear those difficult to practise theories and prepare a plan of execution. But my mind starts wandering.

I work with one of these reputed CMM Level 5 companies and many people here are well reputed for their talents. After spending more than 3 years in sales and marketing I really dont know whether I made a wise decision to enter this field.

Today I attended a training which lasted for more than 4 hrs and was conducted by person who has more than 15 yrs experience in Sales and Marketing. The session we underwent is most acclaimed world over and famous among sales circles. Infact it is the most effective Sales training as perceived across sales organisations.

I dont know whether there is something wrong with my grey cells or I am too intelligent for these trainings...I didnt understand the purpose of wasting some 4 hrs for this session. Added to that there are some characters who reminded me of my school days.

I think eveyone of us might have witnessed this. When we were in school there is a competition among kids to comeup with answers in a split second and to show off to others how sharp they are. Most of the times many kids pick up this habbit of repeating whatever the teacher says as though they are the approving authority. Sometimes the teacher would be solving a problem and he has to calculate 2 times of 10 and we always find some student helping the teacher with that multiplication.

I always hated such guys in school and never answered any question unless I was asked to answer.

People grow up but old habits die hard. I see some 30+aged guys and ladies repeating whatever the trainer says and nodding in approval as though they are the authority to certify the trainers abilities and the trainer was happy about it. I was just wondering what would be the state of the trainer if all the attendees were like me.

But on a serious note, I really wondered whether the trainer believes in whatever he preached. It is practically difficult to implement whatever we learn in these trainings but we need to attend these trainings to earn some browny points in the organisation.

But I see one real advantage of attending these traings
" you pick up jargon , you pick some weird words and tomorrow you can give gyaan to any relatively less experienced or someone who coloured her hair ( this is not gender discrimination ;-) ) . You can even become a trainer without knowing anything. That is the power of this jargon.

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Xenas said...

Surya Naarayana Murthy Gaaru,
Therez nothin wrong with ur grey cells ... U r way above these training sessions.