Tuesday, August 09, 2005


As usual good stuff from Mr. Gurumurthy.


I was discussing about the problems that India facing today on an online community and I was talking about the same point. Our education system tries to demaean things which are Indian. It never asks a kid to be proud of his origin rather it tells him that he should learn to live like someonelse.

"detoxifying ‘truths’ are contained in textbooks to educate young India. Obviously, Secular India has accepted the Marxian view as its view of the timeless India. So the message is clear: deride revered symbols like Rama and Krishna, demean noble souls like Sri Ramakrishna and devalue great heroes like Prithviraj. So that young India does not look up to them, or to anyone within India, for inspiration and looks elsewhere".

Mr Gurumurthy is at his best when he said

" Asked why a book in which Sri Ramakrishna is described in demeaning terms was permitted by NCERT, the HRD Minister Arjun Singh gave a lecture to the media on history writing. ‘‘History has to be written after carefully weighing all facts”. “Of course, I have not read the book in question. If it is so written we should look into it!” “Should look into it” — what a sober reply! He could afford to be sober as he knows that no mob will burn down government owned buses or buildings for vulgarising one of the greatest spiritualists of all time, Sri Ramakrishna. There will be no fatwas kill the writers, no bandh or violence. Thus goes on detoxification to save secularism. Notwithstanding that it corrupts, even destroys, the idea of India in the mind of young, unwary Indian".

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