Thursday, August 11, 2005

Gone Missing...

Nanavati commission report is made public and it clearly tells us who are the culprits.

Where are the self -proclaimed secularists and human rights activists who scouted for the blood of Narendra
Shabana Azmi,
Teesta Seetalvad,
Mahesh Bhatt,
Javed Akthar,
Kuldip Nayyar,
Arundhati Roy.....and their ilk.?????

yes, I can figure out the reason....Sikhs dont have any Godfathers in other countries like Pakistan, Europe and US to sponsor these so called "Secular and Human Rights activists".

After all it is one of their Secular bothers who is indicted........;)


Darth Midnightmare said...

Like any adult, I do not carry disputes from the sports fields into other fields of life. So, there is nothing about "me not wanting to see your name here" or anything. Anyway, getting down to what you said, I did go through the webpage you have mentioned.

I do not see anything in that page that even remotely differs from my opinion that the Indian Communists should be exterminated. Indeed, at one point it mentions that the Marxist strategy for India is "Make India a colony of China". I had refrained from mentioning the fact that the Marxists officially said during the Indo-China War (I think Jyoti Basu was the one that said this), that India would be better off under Chinese rule!!!!!!

You still think I have the Marxists wrong? The Indian Communists' pseudo-secularism and blatant flouting of Communist principles (which prohibit following of religion - IMHO a great idea) in their daily life as well as political dealings, is something I consciously left out.


msby96ypnp said...
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