Monday, August 08, 2005

The Winning habit.

England have finally manged to win the 2nd test of Ashes. They almost screwed it up that I thought they lost it. They deserved to win the match as they outplayed ozzies in all the departments. Flintoff played his heart out and proved that he is a genuine alrounder who can make differnce. Once again the Ozzie attack wihout McGrath looked ordinary.

The game reminded me one thing the Geff Boycott said once that Winning is a habit.

In normal life also, you see some guys make it a habit. They go to any exam and they come out with flying colours. Where as there are many others who are good enough but they stumble at the last step. They are as good as the winner but what they lack is that "winning habit".

In that second Ashes test when Ozzies were 8 down with more that 125 runs to score, everyone thought it is a matter of time for England to win. But the English who havent won any test against the Ozzies in the recent past were full of butterflies. The thought of winning excited them so much that they didnt bowl properly.Flintoff was stretched a bit far I think. But who cares, a win is a win after all and they deserved it.The Ozzies as usual are resilient, they alsmost won the match.

But, I think that ball of Shane Warne to Strauss on the second day, which spun some 2 meters, is the best ball in the recent times. Warne is not old yet, he is still the best spinner in the world.

India has won the match against Windies and reached the triseries finals. Good..isnt it??? Especially the batting of Yuvaraj and Kaif needs to be appreciated. They played well though against a weak bowling attack.

But what I hated to see is that expression of Yuvaraj after reaching his 100. Every Indian can read out his lips. Yes, he played superbly but what he needs to know is that is his first century in the last 1 year. I think he was reacting to his exclusion in the team for one match against Sri Lanka.

It is better he talks with his bat frequently rather than uttering some expletive whenever he hits some runs once in a bluemoon. He can learn much from his seniors like Rahul Dravid and Sachin who are epitomes of modesty. Sachin has hit more than 35 centuries and none has seen his uttering such words even once. Critics called him selfish, record-wanting etc.etc...but he never behaved like this.

What makes people like Sachin, Roger Federer, Michael Schumacher legends is their modesty. It is better our young players learn these things from the greats.

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