Monday, August 16, 2004

Idiot Box

At last I could convince my elder brother to get an idiot box into the house. I bought a new Sony Wega over the weekend and it entered with a bang. A nice telugu movie to start with, next 2 days witnessed a ManU Vs Chelsea EPL match and the Invincible Schumi in Hungary. Now this insomniac has a company to stay awake. I missed TV a lot for all these days as I am staying away from home. Added to that, a room mate in the form of my elder brother could stop me for all these days. But, this time around I could convince him. His theory of Idiot box makes you lazy and listless couldnot stop me.

Ahoyyy! I got my CAT 2004 application form on Saturday. Not sure whether I will prepare for it..but I cant resist the tempation of writing CAT. This time I made one of my friends take the form for me ...luck factor...:-))).

I am sure the idiot box will reduce my reading time and activity time. I will be sitting and watching some or the other sport or a gulti movie rather than reading a book. But I need to read some good books I have with me.

Monday ... I am in my new office location. This is one of those typical Wipro Offices without Yahoo! messenger and MSN Messenger. I will miss most of my Chat friends. But the ambience is good, the coffee you get here is supposed to be the best among all Wipro Banglore offices. Even, Mr. Premji was surprised that this quality coffee is available here. His heart might have skipped a beat thinking that they would be spending extra money for this coffe. But, nothing is like a good coffee especially for a Teetotaller.

The drive from my home to this office is about some 15 Kms , including an 8 KM stretch on the Killer ( Hosur) road. Wipro has so many buses to this place, but I prefer to come by my bike. The ride was awesome this morning, I loved it.

Errr...need to catch up with some work now.....

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