Friday, August 13, 2004

Of Sports and Sporting Legends

The Master retires from International football

The great Zizu retired from international football. He wont be playing for French national team any more. Though we would see hin in Reals' team , we would miss him in the next Soccer world cup.
He is one of those class players who is very simple and humble. He is not over hyped like a David Beckham, but his greatness was underrated in non-football circles. That trademark header is a joy to watch and the way he can change the game is incredible.

We definitely will miss one of the class players in International Football.

The Champion Keeps Going

Hungarian Grand Prix..and it will be another win for Michael Schumacher. As there is lot of noise going on about Jenson Buttons' move to Williams next season, this grand prix will be very interesting to watch. Though McLaren is looking good, Kimmi has to pray for some luck in this race. Anticipating another Ferrari whitewash......

The weekend would be great with some EPL Football action and the Grand Prix...

Ohhh....I forgot completely about the Kick Off of Olympic Games....being an Indian what can I talk about Olympics. Hope our Hockey team tries to Salvage some lost pride. Atleast a Medal for more than one billion people.

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