Friday, August 27, 2004

Of Chivalry and Gentlemanliness

Gals, Ladies...Women............Almost everything revolves around them.
You see news articles claiming that the atrocities against women are going up and things that our friendly HumanRights Commission fellow doing to fight against these.Sometimes you feel that you have been very decent to gals or ladies or women when compared to some millions of others. You just think that all those people who are committing such things are either perverts or out of their senses. Think of those poor women who go through such hell silently because somehow they cant rebel against it.

If you are working in an IT company where fair sex is a minority, people just drool at gals whoever is around. The amount of attention, respect and popularity gained by a gal working in the Knowledge industry is enormous. People respect you, they do things for you, they listen to you when you talk and more over eveyone is a Gentleman, barring some exceptions( I say barring people who are frank? ;-) )

There are hardly 300 people working in my office building and hardly some 30 people know me and talk to me. But, almost all my female team members are famous here. People keep asking me you are in the same team "that" gal is in and I listen to some remarks like " your team is quite colourful " ( yeah.....unfortunately I am in a female dominant team ;-) ) People keep walking around my bay just to get a glimpse of my team mates, they come and talk to them about various things... I get serious doubts like " why cant he talk to me like that?"...sometimes ...some guys go to the extra mile and start sending fwds to these gals...most of the guys I know dont even bother to send those fwds to me ..but they take extra pain to find out the names of my female colleagues from the Global Address list and save them. And, they are really very nice to these gals,...boy...I coudnt believe my eyes when I see them so nice....because it is something new to me..I get thouoghts like " huh...i never knew that this guy is so nice"...

And , their chivalry is just great. Holding doors, giving way, stepping aside and giving them place in the queue...what not. Sometimes I feel envious of these gals, I get weird thoughts like what would it be if I were a gal.... ;-)

If one of my colleagues ( male....) sees me sitting at my desk at 1 :00 PM his remark would be " khanan nahi khaneka hai kya?"...but the same collegue ..if he sees a gal sitting at her desk at the same time , his remark would be " hey, rnt u going for lunch??? what happened? "...he will start a I too critical here????

I dont know what to call it......but these things come naturally. One cannot train himself to be Chivalrous and Gentlemanly to gals , ladies , women or whatever. I tried my best and failed at just doesnt happen. I talk to gals the same way I talk to guys, I treat them on par with other guys. I think the gals who are working with me are just as capable as I am. They can open their doors, can stand in long queues at lunch and do thier things on their own. Treating them differently ( err...with resepct and decency ) would be discriminatory I think ;-)

I am the advocate of Gende Equalities and Women Empowerment ;-)
But , I found out something that there is no need to Empower these Urban gals , ladies or women....they are already Powerful..they can make things happen for them ;-)
They always have someone at their disposal to do thigs for them.
Way to daughters will be luckiest that they would be living in the 21st Century, the Era of Gentlemen ;-)

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