Wednesday, August 18, 2004

The Olympic Medal

Finally, an Indian wins a Silver Medal in Olympics after Independence. It reminds me of my Principals' question after I won an Inter College debate competition. The competition was big and we never expected any prize at all. But, everything fell in place for me and I ve dont well to win the debate. When I showed the prize to my principal ..his reaction was

" Good , but how many people did participate? Have you won because you are good or because others are worse than you? "

I was really psyched ...but a win is a win...

Olympic silver is something to be proud of...Congrats to the Winner.
I was watching the Hockey match b/w RSA and India y'day. 3 min are left in the first half and India was lagging behind by 2 goals. The defence was player was marked , no strategy to defend. Suddenly, a great player comes to the rescue..yes Dhanraj Pillai scored a blinder and Indians got some boost....soon the score was 2-2. I was thinking abt the Olympic glory of pre Independent India. 6 Consecutive Olympic golds, none could match that ability.
3 min are left in the match...again the great player comes to the rescue...with his fluency, he made the other two goals possible.

So, it clearly proves that..whatever is the game or sport, the class players are always in the league of their own. They make the game look very smple, they just make things easy when others struggle to do anything...Hats off to that Talent.

Sachin has to bat the entire 50 overs

Our dear skipper sahab wants Sachin to bat through the 50 overs. I have a suggeston for our skipper. BCCI is very rich ala the football club Real Madrid. So, we will also buy either Matt Hayden or Ricky Ponting and make them play for India.

Then, Sachin and the other player will bat through the 50 overs and our Skipper can go for Ad shoots...errrr...all the other 9 players can go out and shoot for Team Samsung or Team LG.

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