Monday, December 20, 2004

Is Education to blame???

While I was enjoying my fav pastime ( channel surfing ), I just happened to stop and watch this program on NDTV where they were discussing the DPS Delhi incident. The panel consisted of some 4 people from different fields. But the main aim of the NDTV rep seemed to be " to revamp the educationa and schools".

I liked the way one of the audience has put it " Our parents were brought up in the presence of their grandparents and the moral values were inculcated in them by grandparents rather than parents. As kids they had time and scope to look at adults and learn from them. In these days of nuclear families and media onsalught, what we see is immorality everywhere. The air is filled with immorality".

I think this guy is hardly 18 but has made a valid point. "The air is filled with immorality".
Mostly in cities , with both the parents working, kids have no option but to watch television or spend time with friends. There is none to tell them right from wrong. The media is setting benchmarks for "cool, hep and hot " stuff. No wonder kids are confused to differentiate between morality and immorality.

But, the NDTV guy was not ready to accept the fact that Media in one or the other way responsible for this declining moral values. That is only some 25%. However, the major contributor in building up moral values is "family", nothing can replace it. We can send our kids to the best of the schools and they can get the best of companions but nothing can replace a good , well bonded family.

The "DPS" incident has become popular by the name but it is not right to blame the school. The incident didnt happen in the school premises and the school never asked the parents to provide their kids with "well( ill )-eqipped" mobiles. The families failed to imbibie values in their off spring. The affluent families might not care much about such things. The kid got admission into another school within days. So, how did this new school admitted him??

There are many issues that we need to address to prevent this menace of adoloscent indulgence. We cant blame only one of the factors for the raising levels of immorality. Only one of such incidents came into public and we dont know how many are indulging in such things. Are our teens going the "American Pie" way??

If we are attempting a revamp, we need to do it to the entire society and its way of existence which I think is a herculean effort. However, if each and every family tries to upbring their offspring by the values which are truly " Indian" I dont think the task will be really Herculean.

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