Wednesday, December 08, 2004


I ve been going though many blogs in the past 2 weeks. So many different thoughts , many different just makes you wonder how much people like to express their thoughts.
But one thing that has annoyed me is the stand taken by the progressive educated youngsters in the Kanchi Shankaracharya case.

Most of them dont have an opinion. They wanted the Law to take its own course. So, what can we infer from this? Is it that todays' globalized youth has become too meek to hold an opinion or is it that they are not speaking their own hearts here? Or is it that more than 20 years of education has taught them to be neutral in such aspects? Or is it the effect of the " congress" party designed education that has been nurturing our younsters from the past 50 years? I was really surprised to read that most of them are either not bothered or dont have an opinion.

Someone even pointed the flaw in the argument that the manner in which the seer was arrested was not proper. His logic was " because some criminals are enjoying royal facilities in jails and some are not even arrested, we cannot ask the accused ie Shankaracharya to be treated in a decent way". Yes, I agree with that Rational thinking. However I have my own doubts about the entire case.

People who are talking about the Law to take its own course, where were they when Karunanidhi was arrested and the supporters took to streets in response.
What Law are we talking about when the President of India granted Clemency to some Child Molesters because they belonged to the so called "dalits". Isnt a Child- Rapist a criminal if he is from a "previlleged " caste?
Is this the same Law which couldnt prove any case against the reigning Railway Minister Laloo Prasad Yadav?
Is this the same Law which couldnt even send summons to J Jayalalitha on many cases?
Is this the same Law which couldnt even get any clue about the "Bofors" scam by the most respected family of India?
Is it the same Law which couldnt even look at the Imam in Delhi who utters whatever he wants against India and blatantly supports Pakistan?
Is it the same Law which hushed up the "Murders" that happened in Puttaparti Ashram some years back?

So, who are we asking our Shankaracharya to try?

Arent we missing something here? Arent we asking goons and criminals to investigate a crime?
Arent we leaving the socienty and our age old institutions at the mercy of bandits and scamsters?

Well!!!! I have only one answer...

Most of us pretend to be Secularists...and in the efforts to prove that we forget that we have misconceptions about secularism. Secularism is respecting other faiths, living hormoniously with then and sustaining your faith....not licking their feet, not endorsing whatever they do ..neither giving them special previlleges...

India has already suffered enough due to this Pseudo Secularism....I wish atleast this generation realised the past follies and stood up to face the evil of political-fundamentalist-colonolist axis.

This link gives some incites about the case


Palla S. Kiran Kumar said...

Thats a good one. But, dude, everybody knows themselves better than everyone else. We donot need some govt to set standards (of edu) for us. I m sure, u must have studied in that education sys only. Then why did u think differently. So, in short, it all depends on the individual. They donot protest against HIS arrest because they donot respect Hinduism. Will this be the case in Vatican if Pope were arrested. ? Definitely NO. People nowadays have become so busy (earning money, fame, love etc..) that they forgot their identity, religion, faith. Now, its just this simple thought that runs in their mind - "Lets wait for the verdict - if he (Sankaracharya)is innocent, we will follow him else we always have so many others". Cheap thinking.........

surya said...

nope.....we can wait for the verdict...but who is going to give the verdict? What is the eligibility of these people to give verdict on a person like Shankaracharya?
I do agree that none is above Law..but who is protecting this law abd whose Law it is?? When I look at a judge who demands bribe to release a culprit...I think of this Law and all I can say is...
" Let the Law be damned.."

Sriram said...

read this....
you will get to know more startling facts.

Its pretty clear its all politically motivated.