Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Trade with Terrorists!!!

It is expected of the congress govt to have a soft corner for our belligerent neighbour Pakistan. After all it is the legacy of the two great men of the country namely M.K. Gandhi and JL Nehru and our Congress party is still living in those dark ages where power comes just through inheritance.

Now our so called Prime Minister has been very busy trying to negotiate peace with Pakistan. As a part of it he wants India and Pakistan to get involved in mutual Trade. Here I have my own doubts. Trade of what???

Yes, what do we trade with Pakistan??? I am very good at formulating conspiracy theories. So, what this vilious brain tells me is that Pakistan is running out of manpower for their deomestic industry ie Terrorism ( Anyone has doubts abt this???). So, they are finding it difficult to get people from India by crossing the border which is guarded. So, they pretend to be in good terms with India and amass a pool of man power that is required to create pandamonium in Kashmir and other parts of the country. Then Gen Mush will claim that inspite of his efforts for peace in the J& K region, people of Kashmir are not happy. So, it is better to conduct a Pelbicite here and decide which country it should go to. How does it sound??? Once Mr. George Bush Jr receives his Nobel for restoring peace in Iraq, the Nobel committe will nominate Gen Mush and Indian PM Sonia Gandhi ( GK is poor....isnt she the PM of India????) for Nobel.

A story of another European coming to India and serving its miserable people and winning Nobel.You all know who is the first one. Yeah , many people in India treat her as a messenger from God...I beg to differ. She is one of those europeans who declared to the world that India is a country of poor people and the senile oldie in Rome immediatetly obliged to beatify her.

What a finish????

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