Monday, December 13, 2004

Too manythings....!!!

Yeah, there are too many things I want to write about here.
First about my another blog, then about my weekend trip into Jungle, about the comeback of Sachin and the mum of media whenever he scoores , about the great MS ( Subbulakshmi), Arsenal Vs Chelsea EPL match....

First and foremost, congrats to Sachin and Anil Kumble for achieving milestones.
But stands above all these is Indian Media which just hyped Anil Kumbles' ( with due respect to his greatness on Indian soil) record, didnt even have enough time to broadcast Sachins record. Just a headline which says "Sachin goes past Sunny". They behaved as though it is nothing significant. Some 2 weeks back, the same media cried " Is god past his prime?" the taunt being " Sachin is go no more". Why did they dedicate some 30 min for a survery about the falling greatness of Sachin? If they care so much, why couldnt they spend some 10 min on his 4th double ton ? I have been observing this trend from the past 1 year that Indian media has been makingmuch noise when a Rahul Dravid scores even 50 and comes up with headlines like " the wall stands tall" , " The invincible wall" . But, when Sachin makes a 50, it is not enough. He is lost his class. Everyone knows about the hue and cry Indian media made about " it is time for Saching t retire" and sentences like " Sachin doesnt win games for Inida and he is very selfish".
Hello...are the other 10 players in Indian team doing Charity there? Are they sporting saints??
Indian media has become the most dangerous than Pakistani terrorism in J&K. What a terrorist can achieve ? They can kill and masscre people. But , what is our Media capable of ?? Well...there are no limits.

Any sane person should be able to understand the role of media in many controversies.
Take a look at Kanchi Shankaracharya's case, take a look at Godhra violences, take a look at anti-HIndutva capmaigns, take a look at our Indian Sports scence..
Everywhere you wish to see an unbiased, knowledgeable, balanced and critical Media..but what you see is a biased, self interested, over critical, sycophantic and pseudo - secularist media trying to impress the Colonolists and self proclaimed democrats ( als US of A).
I love to see one news paper or one TV Channel that is not against Hinduism in India.

Well...coming back to sachin Tendulkar, he has already achieved what any other cricket player living today cant even dream of achieving. What ever he does will be a record from now on. People might talk about Matt Haydens, Ricky Pintings or Jack Kallis...but they are no where near Sachins' class. Give him bowlers like Glenn McGrath, Gillespie and Shane warne and Sachin will win every match for India without any Rahuls and Souravs. There is not end if I continue to write about him.....

Coming back to football....itz again a let down by Arsenal defence against Sepieces. Two fantastic goals by Thierry Henry could not help the Gunners as their defending again gave in to some standard shots. Now, every opponent know where to hit them...this is very very dangerous....

One of the Greatest Carnatic vocalists , the great MS passed away. She made the " Bhaja govindam " of Shankaracharya more mesmerising and enchanting, she gave a new style to "vishnu Sahasra namam" and " the almighty in Tirupati wakes up with her Suprabhatam". What else a human being can pray for?? She really is the brightest jewel in the crown of Carnatic Music. Though I dont like the way she sang some of the Telugu keerthans , her pronunciation of Sanskrit is just amazing. May her soul rest in piece .

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