Thursday, September 02, 2004

Monkey Business!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monkey...I think it is one of the very few animals I like. One monkey created scene in my office cafeteria in the morning. Our office buliding is surrounded by a Teak plantation and some empty fields. The Cafeteria is in the 4th floor of the building.

There were people in the cafeteria having their breakfast. As usual , I was savouring my breakfast and suddenly heard a shriek , a gals voice. I just turned around to see a simian savouring a Vada and a gal with here face turned pale. It finished the Vada and went off. Good to see a simian having breakfast in our cafeteria.

Whenever I see a mokey, it reminds me of my Kindergarten school days. My school was very big and had a nice campus. One side there was river Godavari and the other three sides were occupied by beautiful gardens. It had many tamatrind trees located at random places. The play ground was awesome with very good playing equipment.

A big group of simians used to reside in the surrounding trees and used to interfere in our daily lives. Many of my classmates used to lose their sanck bowls to some of the rogue simians. They used to scare us the tiny tots and snatch away eatables. We were not any less, I used to hurl stone at them try to scare them.

One day it happend that I was successful in scarring a little monkey and my friends were all praises for my bravado. I went home and bragged about it. My mom warned me to be careful because the little monkey might come back with its gang and try to take its revenge. I just didnt bother about it.

Next day I went to school as usual and when I came out of the class in the break......I just turned pale. Man, was I scarred like hell??? Yes, there was this little monkey with all its gang , waiting for me to come out in to the play ground. I just ran back into the class and told my teacher about it. My teacher laughed at it and asked some staff to chase those simians out of there. Somehow, they could chase that group out of the campus that day.

I didnt want to go to school the next day....errr...I was scarred. But, I had to go to and somehow I managed to avoid those simians. Good that God gave short memory to those simians. For another 2-3 weeks I just shivered at the sight of a monkey. My parents and my brother used to scare me talking about simians. Somehow I came out of that Simian-phobia and started liking the animal. Probably because of its similarity to human beings.

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Sriram said...

coz of similarity to humans.....or similarity to some of the humans....???? like....err....lemme not take names any way...u know who has a boycut and looks alike....if u ask giri.... :)