Friday, November 05, 2004

He is Back!!

Mr. Bush is back to the presidency. The world will hear more of "fight against evil " and " peace in middle east " withouot bothering why the crude prices are going north. Unites States of America like Queen in an Ant Colony. All the ants feed it so that the Queen is healthy and kicking. In a similar way, economically,the entire world is completely dependent on US of A . The entire world is working hard to keep US of A wealthy and happy. We have already seen what happens to the world if something happens to US of A. At the same time world should be watchful about who is formulating the policies of US of A. Because the presidential seat of US of A has always been like a stone in a madmans' hand. An unbroken chain of Paranoid presidents have wreacked havoc on the world and made it what is it today.

In the context of this , Mr. Bush is worse than any of his predecessors. His war mongerness is the reason he won the elections again. Nothing can beat the insecurity feeling of an American.

Our politicians reaffirm the people that Indo-US relations would be good as usual. But a keen observer has his own doubts. Were they good ever??

What should India do? We need to get away with this US dependency on outsourcing, textiles and in whatever way possible. We should look for avenues where we are self sufficient not only agriculturally but also technologically. India has never been an innovative country but Indians are. Many great inventions that happened in US of A involved many outstanding Indians. Hope India can retain the domestic talent and nurture it towards its own prosperity.

When a rich man has granades along with money, it is better to keep away from his money.

Back to Football

The Barca Vs AC Milan Champions league match was a spectacle in itself. A new god of Football is making his intentions clear. Ronaldinho , the way he inspired Barca to win against Milan was awesome. If you can break the defense guarded by Maldini, Nesta and Cafu achieved some thing really great.

Rudd Van Nistelrooy made amends to his disgraceful taclke of Ashely Cole at Old Trafford by a record equalling 4 goals in a single match.

Real Madrid are scoring well but they are conceding. I think they need to address that issue.

Tha Champions League is geting hotter as it should.


shilpa said...

thnx for u r comments on my blog.....looks like u r a gr8 fan of Ronaldinho....anywys, football rocks, no denying that despite the fact that i know nothing abt the game...but its nice to watch the running and falling for bush, despite all his war passions, he'll still remain bush, hopefully, will not grow into a palm tree signalling the far fetched oasis...

hope to c more of u r posts ....


Anonymous said...

I think you are very much in conflict with yours... When you yourself sound to be a right leaning individual, why do you want America to hate a right leaning individual like Bush????