Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Ups and Lows!!!!


1. Real Madrid scoring 6 goals in a spanish league match.
2. AC Milan keeps winning.
3. Arsenal back to winnning.
4. Ronaldo back into roaring form with those fantastic two goals.

Lows :

1. Barcelona losing 1-2 to Real Betis.
2. India losing to Pak after scoring 292 runs.
3. The arrest of Shankaracharya of Kanchi.

Tha last one being the hardest of all. It raises the questions again. Would have they arrested a Muslim leader in the same fashion? Some Bukhari of Delhi with so many cases on his head, have they ever tried even to question him??? A congress govt with pseudo secularists and Nehruvian Stalinists as allies ...what else can you expect from them? Most of the so called " sophisticated Hindus " dont react or they are too afraid of speaking. Because they dont want to get involved in anything religious. But , what they fail to recognise is that Hinduism is not a religion but a way of Life. If the very roots of that are shaken....well can that happen???

Many times in the past , ruthless barbarians and foreign invaders tried to kill the very roots of Hinduism. That onslaught gave birth to people like Adi Shankara. They came , they inspired millions and they re-stablished the ancient "Sanatana Dharma".

Many barbarians came and looted the holy land , they all presihed but the land prevailed, the culture prevailed and it will , forever. This doesnt come from a blind faith or irrational emotion. If mankind is alive on earth , the only way it can survive is by Virtue and in harmony with nature. And , which other way of life engulfs these two tenets other than Hinduism.

Quoting Mr. Bhagwan S Gidwani

" Hinduism is the Law of life, not a dogma; its aim is not to create a creed but a character and its goal is to achieve perfection through varied spiritual knowledge which rejects nothing and yet refines everything , through continuous testing".

"....Yet a Hindu must remain strong and united, for he must know that no external , outside force can crush him, except when he is divided and betrays his own ...."

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