Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Vicious Waters!!

Water- The life giver , the fountain head of all life.....isnt this an ancient perception?? That very water has become so vicious that people get scared to drink "unknown " water.

I see some people in my office who doesnt even drink water that is availble here in the office premises. This water is certified by diff govt bodies as fit for human consumption. Still, people dont want to take risk. They drink only boiled water or mineral water.They are so health conscious that they dont even eat sweets and some other fat rich food. I really wonder at their capacity to control taste buds. I cant resist a sweet ...I just tield to the temptation.

But, most amazing thing is these health conscious , clean water conscious people gulp bottles of alcohol without any second thought. A life on earth which is scarred of water and assured about the good effects of Alcohol.

Itz cool to drink...I hear this many times. What do I do? I am a tee-to-taler who doesnt know the good effects of alcohol and not much about escorting home a girl who is drunk ;-)

I can write pages about this topic...but ..drinking is a personal choice..everyone has their own opinions.....after all everything is personal choice...what is nota personal choice????

Our friendly TOI is lamenting that the sales of alcohol has decreased in Bangalore this year when compared with last year. Dont worry, our Bangalore Times will come up with more photos regulary of many so called " celebrities " with "drinks " in their hands and write "cool " things about them. So, the " wanna be " cool people will gulp more and more alcohol meanwhile helping the brewery business to grow.

I wish all of you a very happy Deepavali ( southindian) or Diwali ( North Indian istyle ;-) .

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