Thursday, November 04, 2004

The Unknown!!!!!

every now and then a fire rages from the depths of a futile weariness; ever hungry to eat away
whatever comes in its way but rejecting each and every offering that tries to calm it down;the
inferno breaks free and kills all the existing tenets of life and existence;it is accentuated by
the perptual feeding of what? where? why? where from?; a colony of grey cells powered by a
conscience without a known source, try thousands of extrapolations to check the advance of the
inferno...alas...the grey cells soon realize that the inferno is more rational than anythings
else they come across...
a flash of liberation appears but it blinds the eyes with its brightness; meanwhile the grey
cells realise that they already lost time in the race to unknown goal; never knowing where , why
, what for...
an illusiory marker demarcates knowledge from ignorance; never asks knowledge of what? but the
race is never ending,full of baits and the name of subduing the inferno...the grey
cells mistake the mirage to be a river ..the fountain head of life..
existence for the sake of existence...running for the sake of running...a reality that is like an
illusion or an illusion that is like a reality...
a state of weariness, confusion camouflaged by a sense of knowing, groping in the dark
misunderstood as journey towards perfection...
chaos ...utter chaos...but ignorance is bliss...the grey cells just ignore the chaos and this
gives birth to another chaos..
a fusion or fission of the spirit;road to perfection or the road to perdition...

Yesssss....I wrote it....but still dont understand what I wanted to write and what I ended up with...

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Anonymous said...

you're a paradox....the writing makes little seem like an ordinary man with an extraordinary ego..