Friday, February 04, 2005


Ever since the Congress(I) govt took over the central and many other state govts there are many things happening which are quite alrming to the stability of the country.

The so called Maoist Naxalites are wreaking havoc in states of Andhra, Bihar, MP etc.
Most surprising is the support that is being offered to these moists by the govt of Andhra Pradesh. During the 9 years rule of N.Chandrababu Naidu , none heard of naxals barring one or two occasional police encounters. His govt categorically told the naxalites that if at all they want to get into normal life they have to leave their weapons and ideologies.

But ever since the congress came into power there I see a congress govt run by Moists. Why is this govt heeding to the demands of Naxals? Why there is a difference of opinion between police and govt?

I heard this rumour that the naxals have helped the YSRs' congress in Andhra to win the elections against Chandrababu. So, there was a treaty between naxals and YSRs' men that govt would show a soft corner to naxals. They even disbursed the lands of "many HIndu temples " to these naxalites. I wonder why didnt they offer any land of a Church or a Madrassa.

So, isnt there a politicain - crimina nexus endorsed by the state govt itself?? What is the governor of that state doing or for that matter HC of that state? Why are all secular , progressive media bigwigs and political analysts keeping mum on this issue??
Or is this an order again from "her-highness" command not to hurt the feelings of her "left" friends??

There is another imbroglio in Goa where the governor dismissed the "people elected" BJP govt in a very improper way. Things show very clearly that this is an act of vengence by the Sonia led congress at the center.

The Tamilnadu farce, disturbance in AP, pandemonium in Bihar, the rising Moist menace in various parts of India and the imbroglio in Nepal( of course this is something which is not in our control)....all these dont augur well for a strong and stable India. Arent we giving a chance to communist China to be aggressice again??Sonia Gandhi with her revenge taking tactics is doing greater harm to the country than the mujahidden warriors in Kashmir.


Sriram said...

call it a rumour....!!! thats a fact man....

read this good piece...

a glimpse here...

"the Congress is also said to have struck an unholy and unprincipled deal with the Naxalites for electoral gains. It, therefore, had to repay its 'debts'."

surya said...

yeah...I just wanted to confirm..

thanx for the link.
but the situation in Andhra is really pathetic..

shilpa said...

too much of politics!!!! man, i cant think of a reasonable comment to post on u r, i guess apart from being a commentator, u cud as well b a political journalist, wht say?...surya bulbs in every household to enlighten the masses with everyday politics....

anywys, happy blogging