Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Un"flagging" the Cricketers...!!!

The govts' decision to order Indian Cricket team not to use National Falg on Helmets etc..is really stupid.Their contention is that the players might keep the Helmet with shoes in their kits. So, it undermines the sanctity we attach to the national flag.

I think recently supreme court has given approval for ordinary citizens to hoist national falg in their private properties. Does this give any clue to our Govt??

It is of our utmost national pride if some terrorists flood into Kashmir through the bus service by our govt. But it is insulting to see Sachin Tendulkar wearing "Thiranga" on his helmet.
Or is it a demand made by PCB that they dont want to play in India if Indian players are wearing Thiranga on their accessories??

We regularly see hoards of youngsters sporting US flag as Bandana. They think it is hep to sport a US flag on their mane because US is the richest and powerful country in the world. Whatever US does and whatever US is hep.

Now, govt too stepped in to help this culture. I see a day when our kids can identify all the national falgs in the world except one....the Bharatiya Thiranga.

Or is there any plans of Congress making it their patented Pary flag???

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