Thursday, February 17, 2005

Worst Criminals.....!!!

The Congress and other "Secular" parties have been repeatedly accusing Narendra Modi, VHP and BJP for the Godhra riots. The UPA govt has appointed a commission to enquire into it and the commission came up with a report within 7 days ..just before the elections in Bihar and Jharkhand.
Now, another report. The Nanavati commisions report of anti-Sikh riots in Delhi.
The Nanavati Commission report is presented to the govt and Mr. Shivraj Patel announced that Justice Nanavathi has given clean chit to congress party.
Where as Mr.Nanavati has something else to say.

In an exclusive interview to, Justice Nanavati said, "I haven't absolved the Congress party."

The retired Supreme Court judge refused to comment further, but said like the Justice Ranganath Mishra Commission (which also probed the 1984 riots) he too believed the riots were organised crimes.

A govt is supposed to protect its people from criminals. But today, the govt itslef has become the worst criminal.
What is Mr.Patel upto to announce that Nanavati Commission has given a clean chit to the congress party which is far from truth. As a responsible Minister how can he lie in front of public??
Or are we going to see another distorted version of the report??

There is this incorrigible Lalu Prasad Yadav out of whom the Media makes a Hero.
He gave a statement yesterday.
"none can form a govt in Bihar without me"
What does he mean by that statement? Is he going to become a Nazi from India?

Our congress govt is successful in heeding to the demands of terrorist pakistan.
They are going to start a bus service from Srinagar to Mujaffarabad which is in POK. Ofcourse everyone knows that POK is the breeding ground for the terrorists who infiltrate into Kashmir.
I think they are going to do away with Visa also so that the terrorists can come into Kasmir easily. There wont be anymore infiltration through LOC because the terrorists will be welcomed by our UPA govt with red carpet.

Are they going to sell the nation???

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