Friday, February 11, 2005

Questions galore?????

Why the so called Maoist naxal menace has become so high in the congress ruling states??
Karnataka which hasnt seen this problem started witnessing it. 6 police were killed by naxals in karnataka.
Does it ring any bells? Is there some relation to this with the "left" being a part of UPA govt??

Nepal is our neighbouring country and a passage for China to make way into India.
Why dont we offer some cooperation to Nepal solving its political stalemate? Arent we giving a chance for another Chinese aggression?? Why to make another Tibet out of Nepal??

Why these so called Activists are protesting against the Geelani shootout? Where were these activists when the Parliament attack has happened and lakhs of Kashmiri pundits are being massacred in Kashmir??
Or is it another trick by Ms Arundhati Roy to stay in limelight??

Why isnt media questioning the motive of Teesta Steelvard in Best Bakery case??

HH Vijayendra Saraswati is granted bail by Madras High Court and the court observed that the evidence is not enough.
It also observed that if the court goes by what the prosecution has presented it has to convict the "prosecution " also because the evidences point that the "prosecution " also conspired the crime.

So , where are the evidences that Tamilnadu police claimed they had sometime back?? or are they waiting for the "right time" to produce the evidences??

How could the communist paper "The Hindu" get a copy of the ChargeSheet in the Shankararaman case even before the police submitted it to the "court"???

Allahabad Highcourt gave a ruling that "faith Healing " is not permitted by constitution.
So, are they going to sack Dharma Singh govt in Karnataka for allowing Benny Hinns' healing programme??

Is the Toilet paper of India ( TOI) became so news less that it printed "Prince Charles' " proposed marriage with his lover?? Isnt there a better news to print on the main page??

Why the govt of Karnataka trying to take over the Udupi Pejwar mutt?? Why isnt it taking over many Churches and Masjids which are also rich??

There is no end to such questions. The UPA govt at the center is really sleeping. I dont know what they are really serious about other than doing another "goa" and heeding tothe demands of their Paki friends.


Sriram said...

Sleeping.....? that would have been better buddy....!
Its full of action and all these are results of it....

Anupama Viswanathan said...

talk about the TOI, the media couldn't get to lower standards..its all trash!A typical example of what a newspaper shouldn't be getting to!

Chakra Sampath said...

hey... came here from Saranyan's blog... u hav got a gud one here...

coming to your post, this Congress govt. sucks... poor Manmohan, i haven't seen a better puppet before with no one in his ministry giving a damn.. to think that we have ministers like Arjun Singh, Natwar & Shivraj Patil (didn't think that he is this bad) in the key ministries and Sonia as the Super PM, country is heading for the worst.. i wd prefer a snap poll at the earliest... but sadly, BJP too is in a disarray to pose enuf challenge..