Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Rahul Gandhi as next PM

I found this piece in the comments section of Rajeev Srinivasans' blog. It makes lot of sense. He raises some valid points.
Just thought it would reach some more people if I put it here.

Thank you ACD:

Last general elections we saw pure arithmatics of local level & state level politics, uprooting a well-functioning & effective NDA government at the centre.

His suggestion that we need a Presidential form of government is more then welcome at this juncture.
Vajpayee would have definitely won over Sonia if that were the case.

Media in the country has strategically positioned itself with Congress & Left.

Another thing is BJP supporters are'nt as vocal & extrovert.Specially those from art & movie industry.

Movies are a religion for a very large section of Indian society.

People like Mahesh Bhatt,Shabana Azmi,Javed Akhtar & other page 3 celebrities are very vocal & shrill on their anti-BJP rhetoric.

And they have gathered lot of public attention owing to their impromptu outbursts.

Most educated Indians watch TV, read newspapers, watch cinemas etc etc. Very few actually sit back & analyse a news item.

Most of them believe & digest what they see or hear.

Hence Shabana Azmi becomes a messiah of poor by one slogan & Mahesh Bhatt becomes an intellect after one press conference.

With Media,Art and Movie sections of the country all against Hindus,
and Hindus concentrating only on the technical & science fields, we are loosing ground to secularists faster then one can imagine.

Just a casual look across the spectrum of people in journalism & entertainment gives a dismal picture of Hindu representation in these mediums.

And movies are a very effective way of reaching to people.

There have been hundreds of documentaries on RSS & it's activities from the secular cohorts, debunking the most nationalist of organisations. Or for that matter on gujarat riots.

How many from the so called intellect directors bothered to focus on Sikh killings or Bhagalpur killings?

Practically none.

We are seeing a near total squeezing out of Hindus from the most visible sections of society, namely Media & Entertainment.

What's worse is that an entire generation has been intoxicated by a heavy dose of MTV & Valentine's day.
This generation which is most likely to vote in next general elections has already been brain-washed into anti-BJPism.
It does not relate to BJP.

BJP has got the best products. But there are no buyers. Desh-Bhakti is a NO-No for gen-next.

We are likely to see Rahul G as our next PM.

A non-graduate dumbo, who excelled in annual display of non-Indian girlfriends. But what matters is he's got looks, money & power. And all without hard-work & and absolutely undeservingly.

That's what the youth is looking for. Power without responsibility. Money without hard-work.
There'a nothing more attractive for today's youth then fast-money.
And RG represents everything of that.


Chakra Sampath said...

power without responsibility - thats the same case with everybody in his family starting from Nehru, down to Indira, Rajiv, Sonia and now this fella.

Kirthi said...

Welcome to the dynasty Raj. I think BJP came crashing down due its own follies. They should have sacked Modi at the right time. They overdid their campaigns with bugging SMSes and Bharat Uday yatra. To add to it they were joining hands with all and sundry (Read "Amma" of Chennai). Post elections their infights were getting more public and ugly.

Congress is a party of sycophants; after Rajiv's death nobody would have thought that an Italian bar waitress would command so much power as to decide the next PM of one of the world's largest democracy. Of course her decision was extremely good (thank heavens that she has a good political advisor).

Unless BJP understands the pulse of the people they can never match up to the Congress onslaught. I think it would be better for them to dissociate from their core-Hindutva ideology.

surya said...

*Of course her decision was extremely good (thank heavens that she has a good political advisor)*

nope, she played her cards very smart. By renouncing that PM post she got all the sympathy and goodwill of sentimental Indians and at the sametime she got a pupper PM. She is , in all practical aspects, is the PM on India.

I admire her for her ruthlessness in destroying the opposition. Hope BJP learns some ruthlessness from her. Recent happenings in Goa and Jharkhand reveal her quest to usurp power.

krish said...

BJP could have done a lot of things.
" lots of stupid things." especially a india shining campain was the stupidest thing on earth.

BJP did fail,i would have certianly prefer a BJP come back because that would mean ,all the projects started would have been completed. biofuels, national highway project etc.

just because nda started these, these have been stalled or delayed..

Tax reforms by NPA is pretty good... i am not sure.. NDA would have done it.