Monday, July 26, 2004

Another Gulti ( telugu ) Movie

I happened to see a Telugu movie over the weekend..names Sree Anjaneyam ( in reference to the God Anjaneya). This is a shit of a movie to the "spiderman" and Hollynwood freaks. yeah, they think only Hollywood can make better movies. I beg to differ. The Tamil and Telugu industry has some great directors who can make really good movies.

Let me come back to the movie under discussion. The movies starts with the launch of a big water dam which will feed the villages around. But, as usual, a group headed by one village biggie tries to stop the dam citing various reasons ALA Medha Padgars, Arundhathi Roys...

Ofcourse the movie digresses towards some trivial things in the course of time, if you look beyind the scantily dressed heroine and dramatic bahkthi seens...there is much in this movie.
The dirty politics involed behind these water dams and the real intentions of people who claim that they are " Sangha Sanskrthas" or " Samaj Sevaks".

Though I was disappointed at the end of the movies that the Director could have done better to focus on the real issue rather than sentiments and bhakthi.

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