Thursday, July 08, 2004

Budget 2004

They want to do the following things:

1.Plans to double agriculture credit in 3 years

2.Calls for fiscal consolidation

3.Gross budgetary support raised to Rs 1,45,000 Cr

4.Provides for addl Rs 10,000 cr for expenditure

5. Calls for 7-8% GDP growth on sustained basis.

We have seen so many budgets..promising growth and fiscal consolidation. Ofcourse, Mr.Singh is one of the harbingers of economic revolution in India. So, many people are looking forward to a sensible budget. But, how much is it going to improve the situation of the poor? The IT revolution has created a new creed of middle class. When will the poor get the benefits of the new economy? Will this budget answer all the questions of the poor? another 8 hrs..I think everything will be clear and I dont think it is going to be very much different.

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