Monday, July 12, 2004

Bangalore - The Heavens Open Up and the City goes back to Dark Ages

Bangalore - The IT capital of India (, the city of Gardens, the city of serene weather, the true cosmopolitan city of India. Bangalore sans rains and traffic is all the above.

The city shines with the beautiful buildings of IT powerhouses, umpteern number of pubs, sports bars, denim clad muses and irresistable hunks. Bangaloreans are proud of their Casmopolitan city, they love the city. Take them anywhere in the world , they will come back and say nothing is like Bangalore. Such is the greatness of this city and its citizens.

But, look at the city when it rains. The weather is so beautiful that you feel like going for a long drive or getting drenched in the rain.wait, do you think you can afford that?

The rains open up the drains in the city. The drains overflow and the raods are submerged.Many beautiful roads , the showpieces of Bangalore, are filled with drain water and ther is no respite for any vehicle. This submersion of most of the roads of Bangalore is the harbinger of some of the worst traffice snarls.Some blessed souls who have four wheelers are spared to some extent. Atleast the can sit back and enjoy some music when there is a jam...The riders of two wheelers have hell of a time here. You wear jackets, wind cheaters whatever, you are bound to get drenched in the unpredictable rains...and you push through the roads with your knees in drain water. Sometimes , the poor two wheeler cant do anything except stalling...because you cant get the silencer to your seat level.

If this is the story of people who are doing well, imagine the plight of "have nots". The poor have a helluva time here in Bangalore in rainy season ( Is there a season???). Manual Labourers, Construction Workers, and many others.. Bangalore rains even claim the lives of people. Every year , atleast some 50-100 people die due to rains. Someone gets drowned in an overflowing drain, someones' car gets submerged in a drain, someones' house just collapses due to rain, some construction worker dies because a pile of mud just burries him in a duct, a child gets killed because a tree is uprooted by the rains....ther is no end to this list..rain invents new ways of killing people.

What are the authorities doing? They just dont have any clue. They just dont have any clue about why the drainages are overflowing, they are not aware of the traffic condition which is eating away productivities of manny people. They just cant handle the situation...all and all...the authorities are ineffective in handling rains in Bangalore.

When will Bangaloreans enjoy rains rather than cursing rains? I am not born and brought up in Bangalore, but I like the city. The city is killing people in rains rather than sheltering them. What a city or any other place is for if it cannot give shelter to its own people.

God bless Bangalore in Rainy Season.

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