Wednesday, July 21, 2004

The Funny Cup ( Aisa Cup)

The great game of cricket has become a cheap entertainment for masses. And , so called Asians are excelling in this art. The Asia cup.....haahhhaaahhhaaa......what level the game of cricket has come to? You dont watch such substandard cricket ever in life. On one side of the globe , Australians ans NewZealanders are playing a level of cricket which you dont see often, but that is soemthing good that is happening to cricket.

I dont understand what do they want to achieve by holding this fully series called Asia Cup. Including teams like Hongkong, UAE and Bangladesh. They dont even know the rules of cricket properly. I think my galli cricket is a better site to watch than this. And, the so called " Test playing teams ( what is there in playing....what matters is winning...)"...are worse than these new teams. Are they playing Cricket???? I was really disappointed the way India plyed in the first two matches.  The so called great players played some poor shots and the Captain ....huh...what has he had  in his mind??....They might win against Bangladesh and Hongkong...might go to the Finals and win the cup...but this will remain as the worst of the Series ever played in Asia.

Dying to see Australians in India.  Man.....watz happening to me....a die hard Sachina and India fan......losing interest in their game......


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