Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Warne - The Magician

The amount of money involved in oneday cricket killed an art called Spin Bowling.Even in the real cricket we saw the decline of quality spinners. Inspired by the Garners, Holdings, Hadleys, Kapils, Wasims , most of the young kids want to become fast bowlers. They think that is the kind of bowling that can intimidate the oppasition. The want to give night mares to the batsmen with the pace.

But, every now and then, every sport has seen some individuals who set standards, who are born for that particular cause, they are the people who are the best at that particular skill.

Shane Warne is one such great player Cricket is gifted with.
He revived the dying art of Legspin, he created another version of Spin which is dedlier than the spin bowling. He is the master of flippers, batsmen have no clue what is happening barring some Indian players. The Legerdemine claimed many vicitms ( err ...most as the records state). Records apart, he is one bowler who made the difference at the time of substandard bowlers.

Ofcourse, he had his ups and downs in his personal and professional life. But, I havent seen Prasanna much...I regard Warne as the best bowler I have ever seen. He inspires you so much that you feel like learning legspin.

However, like other legends, he still have one unconquered land..The Subcontinent and the Indian Batsmen.The East for Alexander The Great, Wimbledon for Lendel, French Open for Sampras ....

I salute to this great player. I compare him to the legends like Maradona, Vivian Richards..He is one of that class.

Many more victims for this great bowler.

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