Friday, September 10, 2004

Census Nonsense!!!

There is a lot of hullabaloo about the recent census report.

The Congress govt doesnt want to tell the world that India is the only safe place for Muslims to accumulate and enjoy the benefits of a Democrecy see no where else. The want to prove that the growth of this community actually declined during the so called Pro -Hindu BJP rule. On the flip side, Sangh Parivar is bothered about uniform birth controls for all the communities.

An Azim premji goes to US and they take him in customdy because of his name. None cares because US is a democrecy and their action makes sense because they are feeling insecure after 9/11.

You call a "muslim" a "muslim" in India and all the secularist and media are behind you. You committed an unpardonable sin. You are a "Fundamentalist"err...Hindu Fundamentalist.
The so called Secularist fuckers are more concerned about the safety of people who relish the victory of Pakistan over India, either it is Cricket or Hockey.

Recently, police arrested a muslim leader in Hyderabad for some illegal activities and the leader of that community threated Govt that they would destroy the city if the Police doesnt let out the "convicts".

A BJP stages a dharna for the arrest of Uma Bharathi and media , secularists call them Hindu Fundamentalists.

The great irony is that the same Hindu ( or would I say Indian) culture which taught us "Athithi Devo Bhava " stands as a helpless victim of the "Athithi". The world misunderstood the "universal Tolerance " taught by the great scriptures and sages as a mere passivity.

But, more disheartening is the treachery by the followers of the same faith. All the upholders of this so called Secularism are Hindus and they dont bother about the damage they are doing to the great religion and its followers.

My heart shudders at the very thought that a day will come when you need to take the permission of Animal Rights activists to travel on a road so that you wont hurt any animal.

This might seem a very farfetched and absurd idea but it follows the same logic of Minorities.

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Sriram said...

Very true....!!! The congress accuses BJP of the same time supports Majlis party in hyderabad....!!!
lesson: Unity is strength. if you are united like muslims, even others try to please u. there is no unity among hindus and thats y no one cares for them...