Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Life @ 5 Kmph.......

Yes, neither did I miss any numbers beside 5 nor you overlooked it. It is only "5" Kmph. There is an 8 KM stretch from Silk Board to Electronic City in the IT -Capital Bangalore. More than 20000 techies travel on this road regularly, all at the same time. Addded to this is the normal traffic and this is a highway connecting Tamilnadu.

So, the time slots 7:30 AM to 10 AM and 5 PM to 8 PM are high speed zones. I am one of those bike freaks and love to come to office on my bike, a ride of 18 Kms one way. Lot of things happen on this road. The private carriers try to attract the commuters by going slow on the left, the company vehicles ( those that carry the techies...) try to zip through to reach their destinations early, cars try to maintain their dignity and two wheelers ( the new age Power Bikes) just sneak in the gaps and vroom. Wait.......you can go in the top gear only for some 10 meters or so. If you are a very good driver you can manage the speed at 10 Kmph.

Everyday I look at my bike and feel sorry for it. A 125 CC cruiser going @sub 10 Kmph. Am I doing justice to my cruiser? How much load am I putting on the engine by not going in the top gear?? The drive almost takes 35 min from Silk board to my office and this strtch is like desert. More than 20 min you spend standing still and there is nuthing to look around. All the beautiful gals take the company buses and you rarely get the glimpse of a dame riding a vehicle :-(
I spend my time admiring some of the beautiful cars I get a chance to look at. I waste almost 45 min in the morning and evening everyday in this manner.

Finally, I am decide to keep away from my sweetheart(...Bike) in the weekdays and take the company bus so that I can sit back and read some book for that 45 min.....and get a glimpse of those very few dames that I can find in the bus ;-)


Govar said...

LOL. Im kinda 'been there done that'. We used to capitalize on the flexi timing to go thro the road during traffic-less hours.

BTW, to do justice to ur bike once in a while, u can go to outer ring road. :-P

surya said...

yeah Govar...Outer Ring Road will be a good option..but..

thanx to Intel, Wipro and Hughes...the traffic there is not nething less...