Monday, September 20, 2004

Giant Killers!!!!

After Real madrid it is the turn of Gunners to put a stupid show. Taking nothig away from the J J Okachas' men, Gunners have really disappointed. They could have defended better and converted more.

To me Henry looked like a student who missed some real sitters in the Quant section of IIM CAT.He had the goal post open infront of him and he missed it. HTH....usuallu he never misses such opporutnities but this time he did. Another bad ploy was not playing Dennis Bergkamp from the beginning. He should be ther in the midfield. The triangle Henry - Dennis - Pires works so well that they would have ended up scoring some 5 goals.

But I need to come to terms with reality. Gunners could not win the game. Expecting them to come with their guns blazing in the next match. They will neway.

It was another poor show by our so called Men in Blue at the ICC Champions Trophy. They succumbed like lambs. I dont know what happened to Viru...but sure marriage has slowed him a bit. So, India is out of the ICC Champions trophy. Good, they can ponder over the defeat and come up with some strategy for the upcoming Australia's tour of India.

Waiting for Tuesday. EPL match b/w ManU and Liverpool with ManU really in a bad touch and Liverpool doing reaonably well. But this time there is a new star in the EPL, Bolton Wanderers has become a force to reckon with this time. This man J J Okacha with his skills is really looking good.

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