Friday, September 10, 2004

Football all the way!!!!

Some sensible article about the European Football.

Oh, before that let's discuss the Wayne Rooney transfer. Lots of money, good player. No issue. Call him the new Pele? BIG ISSUE! That's like a Roberto Carlos free kick in your solar plexus. You fools, can you see the colour of his skin? Have you ever seen him juggle the ball? Have you ever seen him dance with the ball? All he can do is one touch, two touch, boom. Does the grace of the samba look like potatoes and beef or fish and chips to you? Fools!
It looks like Manchester United are resorting to the Rednecks. Pun intended. First Alan Smith, with a racist background of attacking Asians, and now Wayne Rooney. An unmissable match with Bolton's Jay Jay Okocha and Hendrik Pedersen looking brilliant as well. Don't miss it.

Makes sense, doesnt it???

Any ordinary football follower would know what this kid is upto. The hype surrounding his transer is just another marketing gimmick.

One of my fav clubs Real Madrid ( RMFC) is behind many english players these days. Their glory is that they are great without these much hyped english players. What could a Beckham do in the last season? A team that has Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos, Luis Figo and Raoul ( now Morientes coming back) doesnt need these rednecks. It is better they try to signup Rudd Van Nistelrooy by the time Figo and Raoul retire.