Friday, September 24, 2004


Yeah, it is really strange. People write update their blogs when they can take out sometime ffrom their busy routines. But, I feel like writing here when I am too much caught up with work, when there are many unfinished things and when people are waiting for something to come from me. At this moment, my boss is waiting for two reports and a ppt from me. In the middle of preparing that ppt a thought stuck my mind " why dont I write something on the blog?" and here I am. My mind might be looking for variety other than the monotonus excel sheets and outlook mailers.

I just read about the IIML student who committed a Suicide , supposedly, while experimenting different ways of hanging self. Ofcourse my heart feels for his family but I was a bit stunned at the conception of his idea, though none knows what prompted him to take such grisly decision.
May his soul rest in peace.

The BCCI is in the lookout for a channel which can broadcast the coming Ozzie tour. I have a piece of advice for them. Why dont they setup a "benami" channel for ESPN -Star and give them all the rights. Howz the idea???

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