Friday, September 17, 2004

ICC Champions Trophy - Who are these Champions????

The UEFA Champions League Football is aptly named because only the top teams from all the Europen leagues get to fight with each other. On the contrary, the ICC Champions trophy hailed as the mini world cup ( which Mini do they refer to???) is a mere time waste for some teams like Australia. They get to play with teams like USA during the tournament. What a waste of time??
If ICC wants to globalise cricket, let them first save it from dying in the very nations where it has a status equal to religion.

Teams like Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, USA ( Kenya is far better than these teams) just work as speed breakers in a knock out tournaments. Let there be some sense prevail at ICC and withdraw that Test Playing nation status to Bangladesh, Kenya deservers that status rather than Bangladesh. But, Bangladesh is in a region where Cricket is more than anything else.

My heart sinks at the idea of losing interest in the game of Cricket, but Indian team sans Sachin seems to turn my nightmares into reality.

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