Friday, September 17, 2004

A Real Dud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was one of those very hard things to digest. Real Madrid losing 0-3 , that too , to a mediocre club like Leverkusen. As they started signing these bloody english players ( I should say Overhyped Brits) , they started losing to small teams. I dont see any dying need to signup Michael owen as they are already paying the price for one mistake of signing up the overhyped Beckham. Why do you need to a Michael Owen when you have Ronaldo , Raoul in the front. Okey, Raoul is out of form and age is catching up with Figo. But, arent there any better choices than these Brits. It still hurts me that they lost 0-3 , they couldnt even score a goal though they have all the stars. Yes, one drop of poison is enough to harm a tankful of Honey.

Hope they will come up with some stunning performances in this season.

Expecting to see some great football from RMFC, AC Milan and Arsenal prove a point in Champions League this time.

How could I forget about the recently announced Sports Awards?

The Lady, Anju Bobby George has been awarded the "highest " sporting award.
Rajiv Khel Ratna, I still dont understand what a "worst ever" prime minister of India has to do with sports. They couldnt even get the name of the award right.

The govt is just desperate to show that it cares for sports and recognises sporting talent.
Does anyone still remember "Jyotirmayi Sikadar"?

And, the govt insulted a sporting Wizard ( sachin) by giving this award. It had been great if they name the award " Dhyan Chand Khel Ratna " or "C. K. Naidu Khel Ratna".

India( err..the bloody Congress govt ) will never come out of that Nehru family mania. They behave as though this family has done some great things for the country. How sad it is that a country with millions of years of History has only one family to represent it?

It is difficult for me to stop this temptation of talking truth.

Without any offence to the Lady ( Anju), these awards have become a farce. It is better India stops participating in Olympics for some 2 times and ponder over the situation. But there is no hope as far as there are the so called Secularist and Democratic govts.

A small observation, this single family worship might be from the Colonial mindset , courtesy the British.They worship a bunch of jokers and flirts ( Charles and Diana...dont think any need to clarify) as Gods. Yeah, ofcourse they are the most advanced country on this face of the earth...arrey bhai yeh earth kya hotha hai????? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

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